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Marika is a Perth based artist and jewellery designer.


Born in the United Kingdom with deep rooted family connections to the arts in both Finland and the UK, Marika fell in love with design at an early age.

Marika attended Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design where she studied fashion and textiles. She latterly became a Web Designer, before moving to Perth to raise a family.

Marika’s love of fashion, combined with her love of art and design, have led to the creation of these unique art and jewellery pieces.


Marika's paintings sit somewhere between order and chaos, expression and control. The process predominantly centers around unmasking, with the use of additive and subtractive techniques. These richly layered paintings explore a sense of connection to nature, and Marika's appreciation for the natural environment.. Her paintings explore elements of texture and colour in an attempt to capture the essence of constant movement found in the natural world.




Each item is exclusively made and designed in Western Australia. Marika uses her knowledge and love of natural materials to create unique designs.

Natural materials are set against  18 k and 24 k gold plate. 

The materials are meticulously chosen and handpicked to suit the each individual piece with many pieces being one-off items.



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